Honey therapy – what, why, when?
There are two seasons in the year when we stress our bodies and our health. In the summer holidays –
less sleep, more drinks, more food. We tend to be going on holiday to new places, having exciting
times, tasting different foods, more coffee and sweets, perhaps more alcohol and cigarettes. Then in
the winter time when it’s cold, wet, windy… We don’t want to go anywhere except maybe just to the
nearest pub, cinema or restaurant. Less movement, heavier food, fewer vegetables and frozen fruit
that has lost its nutrition and vitamins. In both seasons our bodies and health systems start to struggle with what we are doing. Summer brings
 more toxins, winter more fat and weight gain. Honey therapy helps us with our well-being. Honey is known as a natural antibiotic and booster for
almost everything. We use it when we want something sweet instead of refined sugar, when we are
cold or have flu, for cooking, for face and hair masks etc. Honey contains vitamins…

The differences between Spa and Massage Therapy

For many people there is no difference, because both contain manipulation of the muscles to enhance the health.
However here are the main differences:

1. The environment:
Spa centers are more relaxing, there is a calming music and has scented air. The interior is designed to give you relaxation and tranquility.
The massage studios are more simplified and minimalistic as design. The massage is performed only to achieve better health.

2. The results:
In the spa the massage is focused on relaxation and comfort. Spa uses different treatments as water treatments, beauty scrubs, peelings etc.
The massage therapy is for rehabilitation, solving tension, pain, knots and stiffness. It improves the posture.

3. The cost:
Spa procedures usually are very expensive, a luxury gift.
The massage therapy being a kind of health service is with more or less standard low price.

4. The education:
The people performing massages in a spa are trained to offer comfort and relaxation.
Those that are offering th…

Cellulite - how, when, why

When the blood and lymph circulation is low the oxygen in the body is low as well and this reduces the collagen production. The skin loses its elasticity and the fat cells enlarge and the skin makes more visible deposits. As the fat under the skin shows up through the weakened tissue the result is cellulite.

Eating too much fat, carbohydrates and salt and too less fibers, this who don't exercise, smoke and sit or stand in one position for a long time, wearing right elastic underwear and clothes across the buttocks limit the blood flow.
Result - cellulite.
Anti-cellulite massage is the best way to reduce the appearance of visible cellulite. It has many health benefits for the body.

For reducing the cellulite the best practise is 15 to 20 massages in a row for 15 or 20 days. For keeping the result once per week for a month or two. Afterwards once or twice a month.
You can see the package prices in Services section in our Facebook page @mjkrymassages . Write us a message if you have…